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“If you want to feed the homeless, feed the homeless But The moment you put it on social media, you are also feeding your ego”

If you want to feed the homeless, feed the homeless
But The moment you put it on social media, you are also feeding your ego

Is it a prerequisite lately that for you to do something nice or socially desirable, you advertise this on social media? 

It is important to ask this question, as it may force one to reflect on their behaviors being purely ‘performed’ for the soul purpose to be displayed on social media to fuel their ego. Wanting social or cultural capital 

When utilizing participant observation of a selected few people who included themselves in charity work, raising funds for charities and volunteered at an orphanage over seas, I was critical of not only of their motive but the reasoning behind the big scene all about it on social media, such as Facebook. 

Disclaimer: In this writing I am consciously critically reviewing the act of the promotion of oneself, through social media. At no point do I wish to belittle the work being done within charity organizations or participation with helping work, these are acts of kindness irrespectively.  

Taylor and Francis in 2014 wrote a paper on the ‘Volunteer tourism promotion material’. They discuss the discourses surrounding “rich young people” visiting different countries promised to have an adventure travel experience but to also volunteer with experiencing “the other” whom the volunteer can transform. 

If it wasn’t for the norm of dominating non-capitalist non-westernised counties, this would be seen at very ethnocentric, but it is paid with social and cultural capital attached and praise for ‘helping the poor’. Simply being present at an orphanage is not helping, little bits do count but 

Where is the line between helping to subconsciously feel better about yourself or actually wanting to make a difference in that particular person or communities life experiences? 

Of corse this could all be seen as an alternative perspective on the idea, as I’m sure there’s positives that come from it, but I think it’s important for participants to be critical in what their motivations are in providing this assistance, and critical of the organisation in which they invest time and their raised money. 

Also if one feels they are really doing the volunteer work as an act of kindness to help where they can and are needed ( in a culturally sensitive way, without pushing their own cultural practices onto the other) then what is the real need for romanticising the ideology of volunteer work? What is the real need for making a big scene of yourself at home to your neighbours about what a do Goodes you are? This is personal, as I expect everyone to have different opinions and answers to my questions, but I just think it’s good to be reflexive of behaviours. Doing so provides one with validation of what they are doing and hope to achieve through their behaviours. Are you behaving that way as a performance to enhance your ego and capital? Or are you behaving that way because that is what you deeply believe is right and what you want to do?
Taylor and Francis, 2014, Research article, Mind the ‘gap year’: a critical discourse analysis of volunteer tourism promotional material, viewed 18th May 2016

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A tiny Snipet of the People in India

Why do us ‘developed’ world people travel the ‘developing’ world? What is it that motivates us to visit underprivileged people when we ourselves are so privileged? If the neoliberal/western way of life is so amazing what makes people living within it want to visit somewhere else? These are questions some might reject or dismiss, maybe too taboo to discuss, but I find them very interesting.

People who have a whole different life, mind set, way of living, thinking, feeling and experiencing are intriguing!

I landed in New Delhi, India on the 4th of February 2016. Excited and ready for adventure I was keen to get straight into the Indian culture and life

I am now writing this in May, but I will share some photos and the stories behind the scenes and people.

Our taxi driver from the airport to our hotel – timid, lovely and respectful man who drove taxis to support his 2 daughters and wife. He was very interested in what Australia is like and was somewhat embarrassed that his english wasn’t the best. In my opinion his english was fine, he was able to hold a conversation with 2 Aussie girls who knew not one bit of Hindi. Isn’t that interesting, we think because english is the dominant language we don’t have to bother learning anything else, going to a hindi speaking country. Really shows the underlying, unintentional ethnocentricity I may have held.

 When staying in the Jaisalmer fort, we went for an afternoon trip to a Hindi God temple to watch the sunset on the stone of the Jaisalmer Fort. 

While here there were a group of young traditionally dressed Indian women. From a young, Australian, Anglo Saxon, white female point of view they were absolutely so beautiful, interesting and different. From a young, low socio-economic, traditional Indian woman point of view I seemed very interesting too. My pale skin and green eyes, t shirt and blond arm hair was so different to them, enough so they wanted to touch my skin and my arm hairs. Our interaction was so interesting because we were all so interesting and excited to look close up to one another.

The women in the red sari was excited to see me also because she recognized be from the day before, I had bought anklets off her in the street, told her she was beautiful and asked to take a photo of her 

We joked around with each other as I showed her and she wore some of my jewelery, she hooked a ear cuff that hooks through my nose ring on that jingled. 

When I asked about her red dot and red line into her scalp she said it was because she was married 

She then rubbed her finger in it, and rubbed it on my head and scalp 

Your my husband now 

She joked and all the ladies thought it was so funny as we jokingly argued over who was going to be the husband in our marriage 

She also explained her tattoo of her husbands name on her arm, being normal when you get married 

This is her husband who was busking and selling his handmade instruments next to her jewelry stall on the side of the walkway within the Fort. He played for me encouraged me to try 

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Social Media Governs you!

We are all self-governing subjects in the panopticon of social media

Have you ever been in a moment in your life that you love. A wonderful memory of yours, maybe a sunset walk with a friend, a beautiful day at the beach, a moment over a beautiful meal or just sitting having a chat with a good friend/family member. Times like these are amazing, when you are really in the moment sharing with another.

Now picture this special moment, with yourself and the person your sharing with, add their iPhone into the picture, you both have one in your hands. 

You may have just shared a laugh, and then while your laughing, you take out your phone and snap a photo, wanting the keep the memory. Nothing wrong about that

That’s what camera phones were made for right?! 

Then the next 10 minutes is shared in silence, the connection temporarily cut off, no eye contact. 

Doesn’t sound natural? 

Well this is what happens when you have to edit the photo they just took, think of a cute but loving caption, put a filter, write up some hash tags and post it to their Instagram and Facebook accounts 

This is a norm…

Even just taking a quick snap to post on your snapchat story, the connection you both are sharing is temporarily cut off 

I know you may be thinking, big whoop? It’s not that detrimental is it? 

It’s not only the temporary disconnection that is separating the two of you in that moment, it is the thoughts of what is being seen online about this moment. 

Maybe while your friend popped to the bathroom you had a quick scroll through your Instagram feed and saw that Jack and Jill were at the beach together, again, and Jill’s wearing the newest rip curl bikini and their both laughing in the picture. 

Oh shit, Jill is having a way better moment than I 

That’s why you have to catch that snap of you and your friend laughing, because your having fun too! I promise! 

I’m not saying it’s a competition but subconsciously you are thinking about what other people are spending their time doing, what other people might be thinking that your doing, if Jill knows that you and Mary are hanging out or that you haven’t put up a 

‘I’m loving life right now’

Post for over 5 days. 

Foucault is a French philosopher who has an ideology of the panopticon. This is the idea that your every move is being watched and surveilled, which determines how you act because you know your being watched: self-surveillance. 

“just as surely as the inmate of the panopticon, a self-policing subject, a self committed to a relentless self-surveillance”

You having the subconscious connetations of your online profile is detrimental to your lived experiences. 

If you think/know your being watched, how does that affect your everyday behavior and interactions? 

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Wild & Free Women 

Women have forever been in deep connection with the earth and the moons cycles 

You may hear the term 

Wild and free woman 

Being forced to conform and being told to 

Act like a lady!

Is the height of suppression from the neoliberal, conforming male ideology of ‘what should be’. 
Woman should not be heard, should not take up too much space, be submissive. But this is not what nature intended 

Mother Earth has a feminine ideology for a reason! Women are inheritly free spirits, creating life physically and spiritually. 

Women are strong, which needs to be recognized more in society. 

 Us women are in sync, our souls connect on a higher level as our bodies only are the transporter for these wild spirits 

We need to continue to empower each other 

Lift each other up 

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A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle

Such an amazing read i would recommend to anyone who is ready to look at their life from a critical point of view, and are open minded to different perspectives.

I have been blown away by the amazing insights Tolle has given me

The chapter titles give you an idea of what is discussed

1: The flowering of Human Consciousness

2: Ego: The Current State of Humanity

3: The Core of Ego

4: Role playing: The Many Faces of the Ego

5: The pain-body

6: Breaking Free

7: Finding Who You Truly Are

8: The Discovery of Inner Space

9: Your Inner Purpose

10: A New Earth

These are a few of the quotes that sat with me really well, causing me to reread them a couple of times!

Sometimes letting things go is an act of far greater power than defending or hanging on

Life will give you whatever experience is most helpful for the evolution of your consciousness. How do you know this is the experience you need? Because this is the experience you are having at this moment

The shallow satisfaction of having is always replaced by more wanting

Whenever tragic loss occurs, you either resist or you yield. Some people become bitter or deeply resentful; others become compassionate, wise, and loving. Yielding means inner acceptance of what is. You are open to life. Resistance is an inner contradiction, a hardening of the shell of the ego. You are closed.

You become most powerful in whatever you do if the action is performed for its own sake rather than as a means to protect, enhance, or conform to your role identity

The recognition that ‘This, too, will pass’, brings detachment and with detachment another dimension comes into your life – inner space. Through detachment, as well as nonjudgement and inner nonresistance, you gain access to that dimension.

I am never upset for the reason I think

I plan on reading this book multiple times as different aspects are relevant within your life at different times, enabling you to reflect on certain dicisions, thoughts and conversations within day to day life

Give it a read!



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Asia Trip Booked! 13-5-16

Maddie and I are going to South East Asia!
Today I talked to the National Manager of Tree of Life, Lauren, and got 4 months off work approved! August through to end of November

So tonight Maddie and i while on the phone to each other booked our flights from Sydney to Ho Chi Min City, Vietnam, for the beginning of August and flights from Kathmandu, Nepal to Sydney at the end of November

We plan on spending roughly a month in each country as we go from Vietnam to Laos to Thailand and then Nepal, we don’t have exact itineraries, so as time gets closer we will be be researching into where exactly to go and when

We are both over the moon excited BUT nervous about how much money we are going to have to find before leaving. Where are we gonna pull a couple of grand from?  We’ll figure that out soon enough

Exciting things to come, watch this space!!