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Social Media Governs you!

We are all self-governing subjects in the panopticon of social media

Have you ever been in a moment in your life that you love. A wonderful memory of yours, maybe a sunset walk with a friend, a beautiful day at the beach, a moment over a beautiful meal or just sitting having a chat with a good friend/family member. Times like these are amazing, when you are really in the moment sharing with another.

Now picture this special moment, with yourself and the person your sharing with, add their iPhone into the picture, you both have one in your hands. 

You may have just shared a laugh, and then while your laughing, you take out your phone and snap a photo, wanting the keep the memory. Nothing wrong about that

That’s what camera phones were made for right?! 

Then the next 10 minutes is shared in silence, the connection temporarily cut off, no eye contact. 

Doesn’t sound natural? 

Well this is what happens when you have to edit the photo they just took, think of a cute but loving caption, put a filter, write up some hash tags and post it to their Instagram and Facebook accounts 

This is a norm…

Even just taking a quick snap to post on your snapchat story, the connection you both are sharing is temporarily cut off 

I know you may be thinking, big whoop? It’s not that detrimental is it? 

It’s not only the temporary disconnection that is separating the two of you in that moment, it is the thoughts of what is being seen online about this moment. 

Maybe while your friend popped to the bathroom you had a quick scroll through your Instagram feed and saw that Jack and Jill were at the beach together, again, and Jill’s wearing the newest rip curl bikini and their both laughing in the picture. 

Oh shit, Jill is having a way better moment than I 

That’s why you have to catch that snap of you and your friend laughing, because your having fun too! I promise! 

I’m not saying it’s a competition but subconsciously you are thinking about what other people are spending their time doing, what other people might be thinking that your doing, if Jill knows that you and Mary are hanging out or that you haven’t put up a 

‘I’m loving life right now’

Post for over 5 days. 

Foucault is a French philosopher who has an ideology of the panopticon. This is the idea that your every move is being watched and surveilled, which determines how you act because you know your being watched: self-surveillance. 

“just as surely as the inmate of the panopticon, a self-policing subject, a self committed to a relentless self-surveillance”

You having the subconscious connetations of your online profile is detrimental to your lived experiences. 

If you think/know your being watched, how does that affect your everyday behavior and interactions? 


This blog aims to capture things in my life that I love and have a passion for. These include my travels and travel plans, fabulous reads, general life observations and my continuing insight into anthropological studies.

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