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Wild & Free Women 

Women have forever been in deep connection with the earth and the moons cycles 

You may hear the term 

Wild and free woman 

Being forced to conform and being told to 

Act like a lady!

Is the height of suppression from the neoliberal, conforming male ideology of ‘what should be’. 
Woman should not be heard, should not take up too much space, be submissive. But this is not what nature intended 

Mother Earth has a feminine ideology for a reason! Women are inheritly free spirits, creating life physically and spiritually. 

Women are strong, which needs to be recognized more in society. 

 Us women are in sync, our souls connect on a higher level as our bodies only are the transporter for these wild spirits 

We need to continue to empower each other 

Lift each other up 


This blog aims to capture things in my life that I love and have a passion for. These include my travels and travel plans, fabulous reads, general life observations and my continuing insight into anthropological studies.

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