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Eternal life? Yes please 

So many signs and symbols have come to me lately of eternal life understandings 
This is just a breif record of my experiences and views of it ☺️

I read ‘Many lives, Many Masters’ by Brian Weiss (highly recommend) 

It’s one of the most investing and eye opening books that i have read, it explained how Dr Weiss, a highly educated Psychiatrist, hypnotises a client suffering from recurring nightmares and really bad anxiety attacks. When under hypnosis, she is able to tap into her higher counciousness and recall her past lives, which then helped her overcome the fears and anxieties dragging her life down. 

She next found herself floating above her body, observing the scene below. She drifted up to the clouds, feeling perplexed and confused. Soon she felt herself being pulled into a “tiny, warm” space. She was about to be born. 

These past lives included traumas which lead to, and some would say caused, these problems she faced in this present life. With short, fast sentences she would describe lives from thousands of years before, recalling facts that she in this life would not know about. 

Perhaps she was suffering in this life because she had not yet learnt the necessary lessons to move on, perhaps she was suffering in this life to learn the necessary lessons, in order to grow. 

I also talked to a friend who saw a physic who apparently knew her and her boyfriend in a past life. He didn’t hypnotise her, he tapped into her higher consciousness; which is interesting as Brian Weiss hypnotises the person and they look into their higher consciousness

Whereas: This psychic can tap into her higher consciousness, her soul, as it knows, it’s been with her through all the different lives and bodies, he could tell her things about her past lives 

Ankh : Is known to be the key of life, an ancient Egyptian hieroglyphic character that symbolises a magical dig into the past, eternal life 

Can our past lives, experiences and lessons explain why we are what we are? 

 ☥I truly think we are all old souls who get put on earth over and over to keep learning and growing to eventually become enlightened. Some are still beginning their journey, some are well ahead ✨🌌🌅 the challenges we face are merely there for our growth of understanding ✌🏽️🌿☄🔮⚱📿 ☥ 
Please share your thoughts/experiences or stories ☺️✨


This blog aims to capture things in my life that I love and have a passion for. These include my travels and travel plans, fabulous reads, general life observations and my continuing insight into anthropological studies.

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