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New Delhi – A street snapshot

The Capital of India – New Delhi 

Our first experiences of the colourful, crazy and culturally rich country 

Arriving in Delhi Airport 

Completely unexplainable at first, the only way to communicate what I was experiencing was to take videos and photos


Video: Yes you can see and hear, but you can’t smell the spices, dust, fuel and incense, nor feel the stares of inquisitiveness or feel the sense of alienation 

This was our first day, so I soon got over that 

Wild electrical wires

Street stores (and stares.. He walked in the picture frame so does that even count as me taking a photo of someone…?)

Old and new duality – car and buildings

Lovely man who did henna, didn’t speak much English, I didn’t speak much Hindi, so we communicated through smiles and gestures 
We also visited Old Dehli – 

While walking the streets, sacred working cow 

Dust on trees – something I’ve never seen before 

This video shows just everyday life, the more you look, the more you see, in just 30 seconds of video so many little stories are happening 

All photos and videos are my own all taken Feburary 2016


This blog aims to capture things in my life that I love and have a passion for. These include my travels and travel plans, fabulous reads, general life observations and my continuing insight into anthropological studies.

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