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Largest Buddhist Temple in Southern Hemisphere – Photostory 

— Nan Tien Temple —

This physical space gives people a peaceful time to reflect -> be quite and listen 

Doesn’t matter what you believe, this temple is a chance for people to come together and remember what really matters: each other and yourself. 

Reflect and think about what you want/feel 

Get away from the busy hustle and bustle of western culture – consumerism shopping and the fast life 

I feel like Nature is grounding and brings peace to people who emmerse themselves within it 🌳

There was a feeling of everyone being welcome

Everyone is free within that space 

Free thought

Free to express spirituality 

🌻 Sunflowers always speak to me but this painting really was incredible, especially what the artist wrote about it: 

Raise your face to the sun and you don’t see the shadows. It’s what sunflowers do. 


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