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Humans Being – Shell

Michelle / Shell – 13/7/16 

Something you do or say everyday:

  • I say ‘absolutely’ everyday, I don’t know why 
  • I brush my teeth at least 6 times a day, sometimes more, sometimes less but mostly more than 6 times  


I hate my teeth being yucky and slimy, so I have to 

What do you need in your life? 

My girls (daughters)
What inspires you? 

People who try really hard, people who are motivated to get the most out of life 

I like getting up early in the morning, when no one else is around. It’s my own time 

If I get up early and go for a run I feel really good, and on top of things

If I’m on my own I feel like I can get on top of my work, keep motivated and get lots done 

Where have you travelled and what did you love most about being there? 

I lived in Texas for 6 months working as a nurse, an hour away from the boarder of Mexico. The hospital was in the middle of the desert, there wasn’t much around. I loved getting to know the culture there, yeah it is in America, but it had its own culture. 

I was the only Australian a lot of them had met so everyone would be fascinated by my accent and always ask me to speak, which I thought was weird at the time. 

On my days off I could go over to Mexico and see the houses and lives of the Mexican girls I worked with, mud floors and houses made out of scraps their grandfather had built. It was really interesting so see 

A lot of the people I worked with in the hospital were from Mexico. 

Mexico at the time had a pretty bad health system, if people needed to be treated they would have to go to the pharmacy (which was like a massive stock shed) and buy their own medical equipment so attend to themselves. Not like here where you just go to the hospital where all the equipment is there at the ready. 

At the time in American hospitals all the equipment was disposable so things that we didn’t use out of the kits, instead of throwing them out, we would give them to the Mexican doctors who would take it back to their family and communities to use. This wasn’t allowed but we all did it. 


This blog aims to capture things in my life that I love and have a passion for. These include my travels and travel plans, fabulous reads, general life observations and my continuing insight into anthropological studies.

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