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Humans Being – Rahel

Rahel is a lovely and funny chick we met travelling in Laos. She is from Bordesholm, Germany. 

  • Describe yourself in 7 words for someone who doesn’t know you at all. 

Open hearted, travel and food addicted person 

  • How has travelling impacted you? 

Travelling is the best thing for growing. You learn so much. To organise your stuff alone and be communicative with other people to meet them, otherwise you would end up alone. Your experience is so much more happy and positive in a kind of way because of all your memories made with new friends and confidence. 

  • If you were feeling really down, what would you do to cheer yourself up? 

I try to go outside for a walk and to see everything pretty and try to show to myself that my problems are not real problems by seeing the bigger picture. Sometimes I also just try to meditate or just eat nice food and if nothing works I call my friends ,my brother or my parents. They either have a plan to do something fun or we have a nice talk and they show me, that I also can handle that situation without a problem. 

  • Would you describe yourself as an introvert or extrovert? Why? 

I would describe myself as extrovert. I love to get in contact with so many people and share stories. That’s the best thing to do and also to learn about new things or different lifestyles. To be extovert doesn’t mean that you don’t need space or time on your own. Because if you understand it like that, I would be introvert; but I think everybody needs some time for themselves by time. 

  • What is something that makes you unique? 

I think a thing that makes me unique is that I always try to help and be there for my friends. Maybe everybody is saying that they are like that, but I just like to help and find a good solution. I appreciate everything another person is telling me about their personal life because that means they trust me and that they would like to hear my point of view about a topic.

  • What inspires you? 

I get inspired by so many things while travelling, for example by so many people doing incredible things or giving motivation to others to try something. But I thing the biggest inspiration are my parents and family just in the way they show me how to handle everything. 



This blog aims to capture things in my life that I love and have a passion for. These include my travels and travel plans, fabulous reads, general life observations and my continuing insight into anthropological studies.

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