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Humans Being – Gwen 

Gwen is a beautiful, hilarious chick who we bumped into a couple of times while traveling in Vietnam. She is from Holland. 

  • Describe yourself in 7 words for someone who doesn’t know you at all

Openminded, funny, romantic, cheerful, sad, hopeful, imaginative.  

  • How has travelling impacted you? 

I know now that I’m indeed quite independent, and that I can trust myself in all sorts of situations. I’ve also realized that although being by myself is comfortable, meeting other people and seeing friends makes me happier, and is more fulfilling. 

  • If you were feeling really down, what would you do to cheer yourself up? 

Take a walk and listen to music. It calms me down, and I realize what beautiful things life has to offer. 

  • Would you describe yourself as an introvert or extrovert? Why? 

Extrovert. Although I’m really good at being on my own, spending time with other people and sharing my random thoughts with my friends is way more fulfilling. 

  • What is something that makes you unique? 

My sometimes occurring quirkiness. When I feel like I’m in a safe environment, I’ll let out the crazy. But a good cute crazy, of course.

  • What is the weirdest thing you’ve seen in a dorm room while travelling

There was this tiny women sleeping in bed the whole day, and because the room was really dark, it looked like the girl from the ring was staring at us from under the covers. It was really creepy and weird.

The Ring is a movie I have never dared to watch, because the trailer and the bits I’ve accidentally seen, were to creepy and would definitely give me nightmares 😛 The girl from the ring, is a girl that crawls out of the tv with long black hair falling in front of her face.

The woman in the dorm, kind of reminded me of her



This blog aims to capture things in my life that I love and have a passion for. These include my travels and travel plans, fabulous reads, general life observations and my continuing insight into anthropological studies.

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