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Humans Being – Janis

Janis (pronounced yanis) is an amazing person who is really down to earth, open minded and a great laugh. We met while doing the Thakek Loop in Laos and traveled together for over a week. He is from Germany. 

  • Describe yourself in 7 words for someone who doesn’t know you at all

German, student, interested, open minded, sporty, calm 

  • Coolest place you have travelled? 

A great camping spot in New Zealand where there was a river and a waterfall , it was really beautiful there. Plus what made it a great memory is that we found a German bakery before going there and bought German bread to toast over the fire and put butter and salt on it.

  • What makes you different/ unique? 

I think what makes me me, is I have a general interest in all subjects, I study science but I have done courses in astronomy, art history, education, physics, Chinese studies, theory of science and rhetoric (science of speech) and had an interest in all of these subjects. 

I did a year of general studies doing all different things and every Thursday we had a different person talk about their specific subject, to see if we liked it. It was a group of 53 people and we lived together for the year in a massive house, it was such a great year, the best year of my life, so far.

  • What is your first memory/ positive memory from childhood? 

Not my first memory but a positive one that popped into my mind is when I was 11, it was on my mums birthday, all the neighbors kids were around our house and we picked cherries off our cherry tree together and sat alongside the bike path near our house, it was a lovely sunny day so a lot of people were out so we sold lots of cherries. Every time the bus driver came around he would buy a kilo 

This is a positive memory because it was all us kids together, and was really fun 

  • What is a passion you have and how do you embrace it? 

I don’t have a passion, but I love surfing, circus stuff, cooking, science, reading, swimming, carving wood and schnitzel.

I am passionate about research, the mind and learning/education, but sometimes I want to teach, be more hands on.

  • What is an interesting travel story that makes you laugh?

When I was traveling in South America, me and 3 friends bought a chicken from the market and took it back to our hostel to cook . 

There was a girl in our hostel who was vegetarian, who was upset about us slaughtering a chicken in this hostel which was funny, because the owner of the hostel was encouraging us, saying we could bury the bones in the back garden, which was funny also 

My friend swung the chicken by its neck to brake it, then we killed it and I was the one who plucked it. We wanted to make it like how we make it at home so we put vegetables around it and put it in the oven for an hour and a half. 

While we were here we smoked lots of cigars because this place has 3 of the 10 best cigars in the world, and they had ones for free that had errors so we had lots of cigars 

The chicken was not cooked after the hour and a half, because it was a really old chicken. Then I remembered my mums rule of cooking chicken is the amount of years old it is, is the amount of hours to cook it and add an hour so we put it in again for 5 hours then it was perfect and really yummy, just what we needed after smoking so many cigars.

  • How has travel affected you? 

I can sleep anywhere, in any bed or situation 

More patient

Learnt to be more positive about shit things that happen 

Try to think positive 

I travelled with my best friend for 7 months and he is less critical than I, he says yes to everything. Whereas I think about it more and am critical so after traveling with him I learnt to just say yes more often and be more positive by being less critical. Being critical can be good but can be bad while traveling I think. 

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Humans Being – Holly

Holly is a down to earth, great person to be around who we met travelling in Laos. She is from Oxford, United Kingdom

  • Describe yourself in 7 words for someone who doesn’t know you at all 

Easygoing, open, unsurprised, Clumsy, scatterbrained, sarcastic.

  • What is the most interesting travel experience you have had? 

Trekking to Machu Picchu while accidentally stalking zac Efron!

  • What inspires you? 

Getting out of my comfort zone! As soon as I’m doing something really difficult, different or scary I genuinely feel really motivated.

  • What is something you do/say everyday? 

“Jesus Christ!” / ” I would like a cup of tea.”

  • What do you believe in?

I believe in science…? & Having fun!

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Humans Being – Manuel

Manuel is a absolutely lovely guy who is so funny whom we travelled with in Laos for a short but sweet time. He is from Germany.

  • Describe yourself in 7 words for someone who doesn’t know you at all. 

free, happy, energetic, spritual, openminded, consious, studebt/yogi

  • How has travel influenced you? 

Travelling has influenced me in many ways. Meeting tons of new people and getting to know them, getting to feel another culture makes your mind so much more open. It’s an overwhelming experience. You learn to respect and appreciate things and people in a way you would never be able to learn at home, even the smallest things you learn to appreciate. You learn to be grateful and thoughtful. 

You are sharing an experiences with other people and get a really deep connection with them right at the beginning, like you have know them for a long time. 

I am happy I got out of my comfort zone and threw myself into something completly new and different. It also makes you get to know your self better and by that also loving yourself more and also taking care of yourself. And by that you also take care of others because you are in an happy state of you mind and other people can feel and see that. 

  • If you were feeling really down, what is a way to cheer yourself up and better your perspective? 

Take 3 deep breaths, meditate to yoga and try to let go and not hold onto the anger. I remind myself in what I believe in, and meet my favorite people to have a talk. 

  • Spiritually, how would you describe yourself? 

Spiritualy describing me in words is hard. I believe in mantras and the power of words. The beauty within every person. I always try to be the best version of myself by taking time for myself every day and because of that being in an happy state of mind. I believe in a higher being which you can experience by finding inner stillness throughout meditation, which is one of the reasons why I do yoga and meditate. I believe that life teaches every persons lessons, life is our teacher and every single person can decide if they want to learn the lessons which life is trying to teach them at the moment and move on or not. I read a book of the peaceful warrior which discribes this in more detail. 

So life basically is our way to the peacefull warrior within ourselves, and we can experience and become this warrior by getting to know ourselves, believing in ourselves and learning the lesson which life, in all forms teaches us 

Always stand up for ourselves and be present in every moment.

  • What is the most interesting/funny travel experience you’ve had?

I don’t know if I could name any particular funny travel experience it all was just a big dream which I was able to live and I am really gratefull for that. But if I had to name an experience which really influenced me I would name me getting to know to a yoga teacher in koh phangan. I wanted to do yoga for a long time but never did or overslept the morning yoga lessons in bali for example. But then I finally made it and I kind of believe it was destiny in a certain way because she inspired me in such a way that I continued yoga at home and try to do it every day. It makes me feel so alive, so happy and gratefull at the same time. Taking time for yourself and coming to the mat is also an act of selflove in an empowering way 🙂. I know that it wasn’t a funny story but one that really inspired me. 

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Humans Being – Gwen 

Gwen is a beautiful, hilarious chick who we bumped into a couple of times while traveling in Vietnam. She is from Holland. 

  • Describe yourself in 7 words for someone who doesn’t know you at all

Openminded, funny, romantic, cheerful, sad, hopeful, imaginative.  

  • How has travelling impacted you? 

I know now that I’m indeed quite independent, and that I can trust myself in all sorts of situations. I’ve also realized that although being by myself is comfortable, meeting other people and seeing friends makes me happier, and is more fulfilling. 

  • If you were feeling really down, what would you do to cheer yourself up? 

Take a walk and listen to music. It calms me down, and I realize what beautiful things life has to offer. 

  • Would you describe yourself as an introvert or extrovert? Why? 

Extrovert. Although I’m really good at being on my own, spending time with other people and sharing my random thoughts with my friends is way more fulfilling. 

  • What is something that makes you unique? 

My sometimes occurring quirkiness. When I feel like I’m in a safe environment, I’ll let out the crazy. But a good cute crazy, of course.

  • What is the weirdest thing you’ve seen in a dorm room while travelling

There was this tiny women sleeping in bed the whole day, and because the room was really dark, it looked like the girl from the ring was staring at us from under the covers. It was really creepy and weird.

The Ring is a movie I have never dared to watch, because the trailer and the bits I’ve accidentally seen, were to creepy and would definitely give me nightmares 😛 The girl from the ring, is a girl that crawls out of the tv with long black hair falling in front of her face.

The woman in the dorm, kind of reminded me of her

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Humans Being – Heather

Heather – 11/9/16 

Heather is an amazing person I connected with while traveling in Vietnam, she is from London, United Kingdom. 

  • Describe yourself in 7 words

Generous, curious, intolerent, spontaneous, emotional, hiiiiiilarious and daring

  • Being a twin, what is something that makes you unique and different from everyone, including Mary (heathers twin sister) 

What makes me unique is the goals I set to better myself, using virtues from people around me and Mary

  • What do you believe in? 

What goes around comes around, but not in the negative sense. Sometimes bad stuff happens to good people

  • What is the most interesting/funny travel experience you’ve had?

Working at the sydney sex and lifestyle festival. When I had no money, endless how to lessons in bondage, ajusting to seeing very sexy and very naked men and women often, and to winning the best fake orgasym competition 🙂

  • How has travel impacted you?

Travel has taught me how to be alone and that being bored sometimes is okay

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Humans Being – Rahel

Rahel is a lovely and funny chick we met travelling in Laos. She is from Bordesholm, Germany. 

  • Describe yourself in 7 words for someone who doesn’t know you at all. 

Open hearted, travel and food addicted person 

  • How has travelling impacted you? 

Travelling is the best thing for growing. You learn so much. To organise your stuff alone and be communicative with other people to meet them, otherwise you would end up alone. Your experience is so much more happy and positive in a kind of way because of all your memories made with new friends and confidence. 

  • If you were feeling really down, what would you do to cheer yourself up? 

I try to go outside for a walk and to see everything pretty and try to show to myself that my problems are not real problems by seeing the bigger picture. Sometimes I also just try to meditate or just eat nice food and if nothing works I call my friends ,my brother or my parents. They either have a plan to do something fun or we have a nice talk and they show me, that I also can handle that situation without a problem. 

  • Would you describe yourself as an introvert or extrovert? Why? 

I would describe myself as extrovert. I love to get in contact with so many people and share stories. That’s the best thing to do and also to learn about new things or different lifestyles. To be extovert doesn’t mean that you don’t need space or time on your own. Because if you understand it like that, I would be introvert; but I think everybody needs some time for themselves by time. 

  • What is something that makes you unique? 

I think a thing that makes me unique is that I always try to help and be there for my friends. Maybe everybody is saying that they are like that, but I just like to help and find a good solution. I appreciate everything another person is telling me about their personal life because that means they trust me and that they would like to hear my point of view about a topic.

  • What inspires you? 

I get inspired by so many things while travelling, for example by so many people doing incredible things or giving motivation to others to try something. But I thing the biggest inspiration are my parents and family just in the way they show me how to handle everything. 

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Humans Being – Nick

Nick is a fun loving guy we travelled with in Vietnam and then bumped into in the top again week or so later. He is from Cambridge, United Kingdom.

  • Describe yourself in 7 words for someone who doesn’t know you at all 

fun, curious, creative, sensitive, meditative, relaxed, disorganized 

  • How has travel impacted you? 

Travel has reminded me that quality of life is something I truly value. I was working in a very stressful job, and it had left me feeling depressed and lacking in confidence. Travel has helped heal those wounds and resurrected aspects of my personality I had forgotten about: curiosity to learn and a passion for meeting new people

  • Would you describe yourself as an introvert or extrovert? How and why? 

Just to make things confusing, I would describe myself as an extroverted introvert (it’s a real thing, look it up, haha). I can be completely extrovert, but I also sometimes need a break from spending time with people, which is why travelling alone suits me so much

  • What is your first memory/ positive memory from childhood? 

My first memory from childhood is playing in these stupid yellow and red plastic cars

  • What do you believe in spiritually? 

I’m not really a spiritual or religious person. I’m generally pretty sceptical when it comes to anything like that. I guess that, now that I’ve got older, I’m content doing what makes me happy, rather than trying warp my interests to conform and be accepted by my peers. ie. listening to a certain type of music at school to be accepted by a group rather than really enjoying it yourself